The Freedom One Wheelchair



the state of being unrestricted and able to move easily:

the power of self-determination attributed to the will:

the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.



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So why now?


    • Does the technology exist to make a better power wheelchair? Of course it does.


    • Is it actually possible to combine so many advances in today’s technology to create a wheelchair truly driven by needs, built to serve adding true freedom to people’s lives? Yes!


    • So what has been done about it? Nothing. Until now.


Power wheelchair’s technology has remained roughly the same since 1997 and currently falls very, very short of being able to meet the needs of a fully active adult with a 24/7 lifestyle.


It’s time for a change


This project is creating the next generation revolutionary power wheelchair and bringing this product to 21st century technology and engineering standards. Using already established cutting edge technologies from closely related fields, we are combining them to create a new standard in mobility, that will add true freedom to people’s lives.


People that need to use it deserve to have equal access and freedom of movement in the world. It’s a piece of technology that is designed to be used constantly and requires minimum maintenance, it just works, performs and delivers every single day and night to deliver freedom of choice, and independence. Removing barriers and maximizing a person’s true potential in life. Like a sentinel, this chair just works, does its job, and performs.


This project sets people free from limited physical mobility with a seamless combination of today’s technology. This technology is built and designed from start to finish with one outcome – to serve the person’s needs. To perform constantly, personally and professionally in this global 24 hour world, the technology is powerful and reliable, but also minimal and non-intrusive, so that the person has equal opportunity to see, touch and interact with the world around them, and be seen. It is very important that a wheelchair is designed as an extension of a person’s lifestyle, something that they are proud of using. Just like a person’s shoes reflects personality, so must a wheelchair.


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The Freedom One Wheelchair



So what’s unique?


You can take it anywhere!


    • It’s energy, weight and space efficient, maximising resources and in the smallest dimensions possible to deliver power, torque, speed and range while staying manoeuvrable outside, be practical for public and private transport and can still be easily picked up by 2 people.


    • You can use it for at least 48 hours without charging.


    • It disassembles in seconds for transport


    • Charging is built in and fast, it works in any country, with a plug to go into any power point.


It’s simple and easy to fix!


    • Frame is a one piece monocoque design – one seamless piece, this greatly reduces weight and requires minimal screws, nuts, washers, and bolts, and all used any standard sizes and easy to find in almost any hardware shop.


    • Batteries, motors, tyres and electronics are designed to work together seamlessly, and are from manufacturers who have a global presence, and understand the value of making parts easy to find and repair or replace.



The Freedom One Wheelchair


The most advanced, durable, efficient, powerful and reliable power wheelchair in the world



The Freedom One Wheelchair

You can be a part of

The Freedom One Wheelchair


It’s all about community


People are buying more than just a wheelchair that lasts longer and goes faster, they are buying into a lifestyle that means something to them. They are entering a community of people with similar experiences and also standards for their life. A community of people that are active, live full on and are striving to get the most out of life, people that are full of energy and need technology to match.


That community is also online, not only the modern way to find solutions to technical problems in a matter of minutes from our own video demonstrations or from user input from around the world, it is also an extremely supportive and growth driven environment that encourages and strengthens people, by giving each other support, sticking to their standards as a community and consistently move forward.


It is of the upmost importance to us that the people that acquire one of our chairs always feel supported from a distance, either by telephone, email or online. They always have a choice on the next move, wherever they are. From something as simple as tyre pressure advice or a fault they are unsure of, or even assisting them to find their nearest shop that can help and even contacting them on behalf of the client if needed. Our clients always feel supported and cared for, we are in the business of providing freedom, and we will do whatever it takes to maintain and increase access to their world and enable them to be free to make the choices they want to make.


Every single person in the amazing team that is making The Freedom One Wheelchair possible is truly aligned, connected and driven to the same outcome, values and vision – Freedom.


Alex Papanikolaou’s story


Alex 1


Alex Papanikolaou is from Scotland, born to a Greek Dad and Scottish Mum, and has had cerebral palsy since birth, and used power chairs since he was a child at school, and since then he has had a full time working and social life, and has taken his chair to over 30 countries and over 100 cities, dealt with hundreds of transport methods, terrains, pavements and climates, from Arabian deserts to North American mountains.


The result of all this was him constantly ruining chairs, he uses his chair every single day for hours. Like any active person, he’s out the door at 8am, and back at 11pm. The current off the shelf chairs just can’t cope with this!


After uncountable wheelchair breakdowns he’s experienced and custom modifications he’s made, he has learned exactly what needs to change and why. And by researching every product in the market looking for a solution, the conclusion was that this product must be created from scratch with the right technology, an amazing team, and also the right outcome – Freedom.


Dialogues of “do I have enough battery power left today or do I need to go home?” or “this part just broke and I’m stuck till Monday” are very common, having a person’s freedom restricted by the limits of technology that is supposed to serve them has been extremely limiting and it is now time to change.


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The Freedom One Wheelchair



Let’s get it out there


We now know what is needed and why, and it’s everything a power chair user could wish for and more! Freedom!


Our prototype production has just started, after 18 months of building and working with a assembled a world class team and support network, working with one of the world’s top engineering universities and our also our manufacturing partner to design, develop and produce something truly special. Check back soon for the first ever pictures of The Freedom One Wheelchair!


You can be a part of

The Freedom One Wheelchair


We need your help


We know exactly what we need, how we need it and why we need it. The only way we can get this Freedom out to people that really need it is to create this prototype, and then fire it across the world so as many people as possible can see it, touch it, feel it, try it, support it and fall in love with it. And that’s exactly what it’s all about, and every single person that contributes will be a direct part of the very first, revolutionising, life changing, Freedom One Wheelchair.


The mission


Freedom One Life and The Freedom Research Foundation is wholly and truly dedicated to the fulfilment and improvement of lives all around the world through the message and gift of Freedom. Regardless of background, economic ability or nationality, we are committed to spreading this gift through our products and services to the furthest reaches of society, to those that need it most, and we invite you to join this movement.


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